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 in response to W H O K N E W...   

Hello,  hope you are doing good.   Its so nice to live in a world where we all have a right to our opinions,  which this man shared and you shared and now I will share my opinon. 

I believe the word of God is wrote by man inspired by God,  now everyone doesn't have to beleive it, and I have seen people healed of Diabetes and many othe health issues,  now God doesn't heal everyone, and that is up to Him.  Ultimately for believers when I die, Im going to a much better place.. 

No one can take these beliefs away from me or anyone if they have experiened relationship with God thru His Son.  Its like going out in the rain and experienceing how wet it is, and then having some one else say  it doesn't exist...  If there has been no real experience or relationship,  you or anyone can sway some one to their own beliefs.

I was forced has a child to go to church and I hated it.   As a adult a got involved in many different things includin the occult or as some call it Wicca or they serve a Goddess. 

If that is what works for someone, thats fine.    If you ever want to know a little more about where I'm coming from,  I'm open to share.

I think you are a great person, who has been through got to go  im late...

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I think aid page is a good place for people to talk about what is going on.  Jobs are scarce.  I just got off the phone with a local charity they will not help with rental assistance unless you have a job.  They will help with food but nothing else. That is why I think people are upset because they get sick which they can not afford to do then people tell them this organization will help and they go from one organization to the other and it gets frustrating.

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Hi my name is Donna. A few years ago I was in a very bad relationship. My ex-husband lied, cheated, and abused me. I was fortunate to have 2 beautiful children during the time I was married. After I had my son, I decided to have a tubal ligation, because I did not want to have any more children with this man. He did not know I was having a tubal liagtion. The only person who knew was my doctor. Two years ago, I remarried this wonderful, loving, generous man. He has never been married, and doesn't have any children of his own. I would like to get a tubal reversal, but I do not have the money to get the surgery done. I have done some research, and found out that the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center in North Carolina, can perform the surgery for $5,900. That includes everything except hotel, food and transportation. If someone out there can tell me where I can get some help to get this surgery done, please contact me at If there is anyone out there who can assist me, I would really appreciate the help. Thank you very much.

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I was referred to you by Jennie. I'm a recovering alcoholic, and I finally am getting my self together. All I need is 150. to get my driver's license reinstated. I went EVERYWHERE to get help and no one can help me. I also found a job and a car that was donated. This demon had been over my head for three years, and I looking for any type of help. Positive people please!! I have enough of "NO"

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 in response to CATLUV...   

I will have to look it up and get back to you on that...

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Hi, I have a quick question for you. I believe it was one of your blogs where I read about making payments to credit card companies and that they have to accept even a low offer of $10 per month for example, if that's all you can pay. Does this sound familiar to you? I am dealing with a lot of bill issues, including paying credit cards, and am on some reduction plans, but still am told I have to pay a certain amount, i.e., $60 and $150, no lower, but I can not afford this anymore. I don't know what to do, when they auto matically pull these amounts my account is going to bounce, producing more fees that add up to a greater amount and put me further in the hole. I am struggling to find solutions and answers. Plus, if it is the case or law, that they must accept an amount you offer, how do I go about making that happen, telling them, and proving it to them? Because they all tell me that they have done the lowest they can for me. Thanks for your help, I am hoping that it was you that talked about this matter, otherwise I have just wasted a lot of time and breathe for both of us. Blessings, Brenna - catluv

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It is great to be able to talk to people and help them in need. i love the picture too.I am diana 35have a bless night.
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I don't have a lot of money, and sometimes I can get so self consumed in my debt and my financial problems that I tend to forget what is most important in my life. The fact that my children are healthy and happy and that I still have my health, that's what I thank god for every day. Thankyou god.

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 in response to jeffcc...   

Again as I said before, there is room enough in this world for everyone, their views and beliefs. I have not judged you, merely questioned your posting for a better understanding. I would have hoped you would have the courtesy to do the same.

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 in response to jeffcc...   

While I do believe there is room for everyone's beliefs in this world, I have to admit jeff, your post is filled with inconsistencies.

  • I have been studying His Word
  • I simply see more from God's point of view
  • I have tried via faith and many through prayers for two years, but to no avail.
  • because I do believe in love, and care, I am here, but not around around people who claim to be of God
  • but know not any love other than what is written in Isaiah 29:13.

When you say you have been studying HIS word, I can only presume you mean the bible (in some form) - You do realize that the bible was written by man, right? And that through the centuries, it has been written, translated, and re-written, to suit the needs of the people at the time.  Therefore the words you are reading are not GOD's words, but those of MAN, transformed and re-written to suit his needs - which were to govern and control people through fear. IF that is GOD's point of view....

It takes more than faith and prayers to change the world and the people in it - it takes action. For example, if you have diabetes, you can pray and have as much faith in GOD as you want, but ultimately, if you choose to eat poorly and not take your medicine, you will die. 

There are many people in the world who claim to be of GOD - i.e. televangelists - who have done nothing other than swindle money to prove themselves? They are nothing more than thieves!

Yet, there are people like Mother Theresa, Ghandi, and the Dalai Lama - from very different ways of life who are far more holier than any televangelist I have ever seen, yet, the church needs proof of their holiness to make them a saint? Ghandi and the Dalai Lama will never be canonized simply because they are not catholic, and therefore do not qualify! These people's lives are based on the character of GOD, yet many do not consider them holy. My guess is the same people seem to think the holocaust never happened either. 

There has been, and always will be, evil in the world. It exists everywhere - even in the church. Good cannot exist without evil, just as day cannot exist without night. But it is up to us, as human beings, to look beyond the lies we have been spoon-fed, see the good in humanity around us, and embrace it. Not deny someone compassion simply because they do not fit a certain mold.



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Disabled mother needs help

Im a single mother on disability looking for help with buying a used car. The car that I do have needs to much work on it and it would be much cheaper and easier to just buy myself a used car. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis when I was 14 yrs. old and was forced onto disability about 5 yrs. ago. I had started passing out at work and that is why I cant work now. I really need the car to get to my son's and my doctor appt.'s and also to drive my mother to her doctor appt's, she too had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis and was forced onto disability. Only my mother can no longer drive so I drive her. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if it could be money for a down payment for a car and I could do the monthly payments. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this and to anyone who can help. God bless you all.

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My daughter introduced me to TWITTER the other day... OMG!!! more technology??? I can't keep up! UGH!!!!

If you want, you can bookmark this page, or get updates from my twitter page.... sorry about the name change - "whoknew" wasn't available!

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hey for any of you out there that feel like helping out a single parent in need please follow this link your help is needed and would be greatly appricated

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 in response to DEES1STGRL...   

Actually, there may be more help than you realize.

First of all - if you have not done so already -  apply for social security disability. Once approved, you should receive a check not only for you but benefits foreach of your children as well.

Also, you didn't mention a father, so I am guessing he is not paying support - apply to the child support unit in your area. If he is deceased, you should apply for survivors benefits ( for yourself, if you were married) and his children would receive survivors benefits through social security until they are 19 ( you will need proof of paternity and his death certificate) 

You can apply for social services - if you are receiving SSD you may not qualify for financial assistance  - however there is also food stamps, medicaid, day care assistance, rental assistance, heating/cooling assitance, etc... apply for all programs.... 

you may also qualify for rental assistance through HUD... 

Plus there are food pantries which can help with immediate needs, salvation army, catholic charities, st vincent de paul, red cross - all of which ( plus others) can help with  emergencies and immediate needs...all their home sites can be found on my national page 

Angel food ministries is a great program where you can buy good food very inexpensively. 

Plus I am adding 211 in your area which can help find other assistance which I might have missed... I hope this helps.. 

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 in response to the drum guru...   

Truer words have never been spoken and I completely agree. Although the plight of the homeless reaches far beyond Gwinnett county and some need more than 60- 90 days for transitional aid.

If you have not done so already, please check the link below

Gwinnett County resources 

As for your wife's glasses, check your local lion's club  they should be able to help

I hope this helps.. 

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the drum guru
I am writing you concerning the plight of homelessness in Gwinnett County.  My wife and I worked and lived happy lives till one day our ex-supervisor took that joy away from us.  We sub-let his apartment and rather than doing the right thing and paying the rent, he felt inclined to steal it from us.  Today we are homeless and can not find help to get out of this predicament.


Not many of Gwinnett's homeless care to be in the situation they are
in. However, there is no help for them. Gwinnett does not provide
shelter for the homeless, much less for homeless couples without
children. if you are a drug user or an alcoholic you may find some
assistance in Gwinnett County.

If you are a homeless couple without children you may find yourself
sleeping on the streets, In Gwinnett County if you are caught
sleeping on the streets you may go to jail. So where do you go?

Looking for work can be very challenging when you are homeless.
Staying clean and having the funds to look for work is hard, when you
are homeless. If you have belongings in storage you risk losing
everything you own because you can not pay the storage fee.

This is a problem that must be addressed. We need a task force, or
some sort of program to assist homeless couples and the homeless
population as a whole. I think an extensive 90 days to 6 months
program that can assist in all the needs the homeless may have would
be beneficial. Medical, transportation, savings, employment
assessment and referral, as well as nutrition would be ideal.

Remember we were once tax payers too, and would like to become
productive citizens again. Go to your church, local politician or
community organization and rally their support in stamping out
homelessness in Gwinnett County.
T add to our troubles my wife lost her glassses and cant see, we
cannot afford to get her a new pair. I do not have proper identification
 to get work. I am a professional Cleaner and I am capable of doing some
 maintainance  work.
I pray that things get better, or at least someone would give me a chance
 to get back on my feet.
you can contact me at
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When I first found Aidpage, I was looking for college tuition help for my son. Like many of you, somehow I found my way here. I never did find the tuition money I was looking for; instead, I found something better, much better. I found a family.

 I began to read the posts here from other people who were looking for help; to me it was obvious where to go, because I had been there. So many people were unaware of the resources available to them. Therefore, I began to answer the posts, and for once in my life people were actually grateful for my information. Soon, I began to do more research. I found more and more organizations, and non-profits, that could actually help people. Instead of just answering individual posts, I began to build pages. It was so exciting to be able to put everything that I had learned as a single, struggling parent to use. For once in my life I knew I wasn't alone. I read posts that made me cry, posts that made me angry, and posts that gave me so much joy.

 Soon after, I meet Soulight, then Lady Christie, and now Elaine of TSA, Anonymous40784, Stacyann, and Kat. There have been so many more who have helped me along the way. Encouraged me, challenged me, tested my faith in God and humanity, tested my skills in researching. But what keeps me coming back is: the people. I have been on many other boards before, but none such as this. People here, work together to help one another, not tear each other down.

 Emil and the Wizard are the best. They are always there to answer any questions, correct any problems and to keep the site clean of the trolls,spam, and other garbage. They look out for us. But they are not some omnipotent beings hiding behind the internet, they are always right here. If I ever need anything, all I have to do is ask.

 I know when it comes down to it; I need Aidpage more than Aidpage needs me. Sure anyone could find information and post it. But what I get back is so much more. Yes, like many people I have my bad days. But by coming here, I get a sense of purpose. I have friends here. Some people would never understand how you can have friends all over the country without even meeting them in person. It's not like that here. When I have a bad day, I can come here and vent, and there is always someone going through something similar -they know, they understand - and they always know what to say to cheer me up.

There are a lot of worthy organizations out there in need of help, but I don’t want to help an organization, I want to help people - directly. When I was going through my own personal hell, I swore that if I could prevent 1 person from going through what I went through, it would all be worth it. Aidpage has given me that opportunity, and so much more. I have learned to live beyond my own little world. Being bipolar and agoraphobic, that world can be quite small. I have learned there is more to life, more to people, more to me.

 Two years ago, I was a struggling single parent with nowhere to turn. Today, I am a single parent of 2 college students (1 post-graduation), I have a full time job, and as of today, I own my own home. Most people would think nothing of my life, but I know without the love and support of my friends here at Aidpage, none of it would have been possible. They, and this site, are what keep me going, keep me fighting, to achieve more than anyone thought possible.  

To them, I give them my heartfelt thanks, you can never know how much you mean to me.


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hello everybody. i wanted everyone to know that things are working out!im getting ready to pull my tranny. the lord helps those who helps themselfs! please say a prayer for me. today is a new day.

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 in response to W H O ~ K N E W...   


 I have tried everything I had a church pay for o my medicatu ios that I needed as I am diabetic and other health related problems.. Its not esay as there are so many out there that are needing help but thanks for the request blessings to you.... Donna

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